Nowadays Poke has become a trendy choice of healthy food on the go. It’s delicious, nutritious and convenient to suit our modern lifestyle. This raw fish is cut into cubes or bite sizes marinated with different kind of sauces is refreshing, creamy and just melt in your mouth and leaves a feeling in your mouth that makes you want to eat more and more. Poke also comes with rice or salad and a variety of toppings, nothing deep fried just prepared in healthy, fresh and delicious ingredients.

The owner of Wild Fish Poke Yang Zhou has many years of experience working on Japanese cuisine. He has traveled across country to places like Chicago, Houston and so on. He enjoys the art of making sushi, nigiri sashimi, Poke and many more. He believes Pike Place Market is such a fun place to introduce this Hawaiian and Japanese raw seafood salad which is Poke, a cultural fusion between these two in appreciation for fish to the Seattleite as well as to the tourists who come in town for fun and some fresh and savory food.

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